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Ethne Bolle’s Watercolours

Ethne Bolle - Watercolourist

Ethne Bolle was born in the Dutch town of Hilversum on 31 May 1947. Her ambition to be a professional piano player in her early twenties gradually gave way to the world of the visual arts, in which she soon found a preference for pencil, drawing pen and brush. Nature’s creations were the base of Ethne’s love of water colours, a choice she has pursued for more then thirty years now.

However, her affection for the world of music remained. When she was clearing an attic in the mid eighties, she came upon a pile of old yellowed music papers showing the ravages of time. This inspired her to make music the subject of her water colours. Worn-out music scores and old musical instruments became the guidelines in her work. The most beautiful of Ethne’s music water colours were issued in Europe as posters and post cards. The post cards have been reprinted and are for sale in Australia now.

Painting children has become Ethne’s latest love, although she is often inspired by the flowers in her garden too.

An overview of Ethne’s works of art:

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